Technology powering data-driven negotiation for bunker buyers

Why OilFront?

OilFront provides innovative bunker procurement software for the shipping industry. It operates independently, with no financial connection to brokers, traders, physical suppliers or shipping companies. Leading shipping companies work with OilFront to increase operational efficiency, business integrity and prepare for IMO 2020 sulphur restrictions. OilFront powers collaboration across teams and improves business intelligence with reporting, analytics and benchmarking.

Technology can drive cost savings for shipping companies in 3 ways:

  1. Provide the buyer with more data to use in the negotiation.
  2. Stop claims from falling through the cracks or being time-barred
  3. Reduce hours wasted re-entering information, creating reports and digging through emails

Your data is safe - OilFront is fully independent and will never resell your data. You can share your data in exchange for access to anonymised data of other companies who have chosen to opt in. This allows you to benchmark and see the most complete list of suppliers. If you prefer not to share data anonymously there is the option to opt out.

In a modern shipping company data must flow seamlessly between systems. OilFront has been built with integrations front of mind. There is a import and export API and we will work with you to connect these securely to voyage management, accounting and many other systems.

For a more detailed description, read our white paper


Make your buyer more efficient

Provide the buyer with more information

Automate administrative processes to allow them to focus on negotiation

Identify areas for improvement with reporting and analytics


Reduce risk

Track and measure performance with benchmarking

Increase business integrity with a clear audit trail

Make information consistent across the business


Improve outcomes on claims

Track claims and prevent them from falling through the cracks

Speed up the filing process and improve accuracy


Create an Enquiry

Generate enquiries quickly and easily. Enquiry particulars are tracked throughout the process, removing repetitive data entry. Vessel details auto-populate from the vessel name.

Select Suppliers

Select suppliers and traders from our directory. Choices are automatically saved for next time.

Maintain a Clear Audit Trail

Keep track of options in a single screen. Reach out to counterparties at the touch of a button. Everything is recorded and searchable.

Generate Custom Reports + Analytics

Keep track of business-related trends. Segment volumes by counterparty, grade, ports, and vessel.

Stay on Top of Claims

Click to flag, track and manage claims. Never miss a claim again.

Benchmark Performance

Review performance against a single index or on a port by port basis.

Work Securely Out-of-Office

Mobile-Optimized and Secure.
Dataflows are secured via TLS/SSL using best practice encryption mechanisms.Customer data is stored and processed in high security and high availability data centers. Data and systems are replicated to separate data centers, providing fast recovery even in case of a catastrophic event. All internet facing systems are regularly tested for security and compliance. User names, passwords, and digital certificates are used

About Us


Danny Soos

CEO & Co-Founder


Danny started OilFront after experiencing how antiquated commodity markets could be. Prior to OilFront, Danny spent time at BP, where he operated West Africa product cargos, developed a system to automatically track vessels, and gained experience managing physical price risk using paper instruments.


Kendall Cole

CTO & Co-Founder


Kendall is a technologist with experience building and deploying software systems. He previously founded a recruiting technology company, and before that worked as an engineer at Veenome and Unbabel.